Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am still alive....I have been on a hiatus in order to find a place to live! Statistics in my studies have always claimed that the greatest source of stress for people is moving.  I never found that to be true. Moving itself has become seamless for me (I've moved eight times since my husband died twenty one years ago...this will be my ninth move), however the feeling that you must leave your current residence before knowing where you are going is just plain 'scary', and absolutely loaded with stress. But for me, the stress emptied out from my body when I signed a lease on an apartment last week that fits my budget much more than my current, ridiculously expensive (especially for one person) does. The pressure accompanying this decision has dissipated, and the building into which I am moving is wonderful.

        That said, I realized that there is no better topic to address here than dealing with stress. And what immediately comes to mind on this issue is a phrase in AA's literature that says..."Let go and let God".  Since I first learned about it I have used that whenever I was concerned, and 'stressing out' about anything.  Faith is always there to comfort us no matter what we are fearful about.  But how many of us actually do take the time to converse with God, the Universe, or whomever it is you accept as a greater power?  To simply ask the Lord "to be with you" is like having a warm blanket cover your whole body.  To place yourself in His hands and have faith that things will work out is a magical moment.  I can truly say that this is what got me through the last few weeks.  Once you have this comforting thought take over your being, you become more clear headed and able to focus on the tasks at hand that will help you through your turmoil.  Indeed it was when I made up my mind to simply 'walk the streets' and find something myself, that I hit the lotto!  And saved myself $6000.00 in broker's fees in the process!  Finding a way to relax yourself in times of crisis is the key.  Which leads me to something else...

      Two million kids are homeless and 'walking the streets' at this moment...virtually having been turned away from their own homes.  As unbelievable as it seems there are many parents who allow their own children to become homeless.  I have become more informed about all this by a dear friend in Miami who is doing something about it. 

        Ami Lawson formed an organization called Earth Angel Outreach which tries to care for these kids (many of whom have been turned away upon the admission of being 'gay'), by providing meals for them, and by, believe it or not, trying to get them to to release their pain through artwork.  Crucial to the program is the Revolving Door Project which provides the kids with talented adult artists who work with them as they paint their 'doors'.  Once one adolescent feels nurtured and more peaceful about themselves, they in turn become lifelines for their peers in the same situation...I take a great deal of pride in being Ami's friend, and would appreciate it if you would take a moment to visit which may lead you to finding out about the Revolving Door Project. ( ) All of this effort is making a true difference.

      If I, as a 'senior' woman, not without means, can become frightened of homelessness, I can only imagine what it is like for an adolescent to find him or herself standing alone and scared in the streets...I don't have to spell out the frequent results that take place for them.

     Sometimes the best way to relieve our own stress is to think about the much more potent stress of others and to let the Lord know how grateful we are for what we do indeed 'have'.  Please do take a look at the site mentioned above.

Hope you enjoyed this session...

Respectfully submitted

Mimi Scott, Ph.d
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