Sunday, April 8, 2012


What a great time of year! The blossoms appearing, the vestiges of winter disappeaing, and this holiday weekend bringing together a celebration of Spring for both Seder attending Jews, and Egg Hunting Christians. And both holidays featuring a variation on freedom....from shackles and death for some, from the tyranny of an evil government for others. Now what do we do with this marvelous season of renewal?

Some have been cleaning out the cabinets, closets, and drawers, while others are refilling them with newer versions of what was there...But how can we clean out the closets and drawers of that which is inside of us...maybe it is also a time for that kind of renewal. Where have our thoughts and views been taking us, or NOT taking us. Maybe it is time to rethink some of those ideas which have maybe held us back. One of my readers wrote me that he thinks of this Easter Day as a time of creative renewal...I loved that phrase. Maybe it is a time for recreating our thoughts, our ideas, our selves!! I'm a big fan of reinvention.

Sometimes a lifestyle with which we have been comfortable doesn't seem to fit like it had. What to do? There is always reinvention of's where the creative part comes in. Who out there is reading to elementary school kids, or feeding those at the homeless shelters? Great ways to creatively reinvent and renew ourselves. If you've been in any kind of 'funk' lately, doing for others is a great way to feel renewed. People say loving ourselves is what must come first. I think making loving 'others' a priority is the real way we begin to love ourselves...just one more example of 'creative renewal'.

So, once the company leaves, take the time to clean out the shelves inside your home and inside yourself. Find a resurgence for yourself...see what blossoms...Ya never know.

Hope you've enjoyed this session...

Respectfully submitted...

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