Sunday, July 15, 2012


Is anyone else out there having a rather turbulent summer?  Seems so  many are.  Either a mate or a child is seriously ill, or someone has lost either their entire job or a good part of it causing a real drop in income, or, someone close has died or is dying. Additionally, you or a family member may be going through a physical setback, a mental breakdown or something equivalent.  How much can an individual or an entire family take?  What to do???  Well to start it may be helpful to know you are not alone...many, many people seem to be stressed out far more than usual. What could be causing all this?

Well the obvious answer being thrown about is that the economy is...and no doubt it does have a great deal to do with things today.  Certainly the lack of a job and/or the lack of the same amount of money to pay for the things heretofore easily paid for, has its impact...not only on the mental self, but the physical self as well.  But more importantly is how those affected are able to handle all this.

I would counsel that one would take the time to actually write out what options one has. Itemize any leads on where and how one can increase income, and where one may possibly find employment.  List what can be done about our physical pain (doctors to visit. medicines to try, etc.). 
My experience with people who are most capable of reducing crippling stress however, focuses on two elements.

First...find a place to escape the turmoil..turn off the TV, close the door, take no calls. Take a walk; sit quietly by yourself in a favorite spot either in a room at home, at church, at synagogue, or in the woods, the mountains, the lake, etc.  Then breathe fact simply hear yourself breathe for awhile.  While doing this imagine yourself in your favorite space such as lying on a lounge, hammock, swing or whatever it is that floats your boat...Then ask God, the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, to simply "be with you".  Just relax in the knowledge that you are in the hands of a higher power.  And trust in that He is listening to you...Tell Him what is "going on for you" and you may just hear an answer or you may simply discover a thought you hadn't had until this moment as to what to do about your dilemma. Let the peace of this moment in time just wash all over you.  Stay with that for awhile.  Then slowly take in a very deep breath; count to at least five and raise yourself up.  You may just feel very much regenerated.

Once you are able to achieve this kind of 'high' it is time to 'work out'.  Bend, stretch, walk, jog, swim, jump whatever it is you do that serves as exercise. Know you are taking care of your physical self.

If all this takes no longer than five minutes of your day or fifty minutes of your will serve to provide you with a newer sense of self that may either help in the long term, or simply help for the rest of your day....Think of it as your mini vacation.  In fact find some key words that you say to yourself such as: "Relax and Let Go" as you roll your head around, that you can do while waiting for an elevator...That readers, can be a real mini vacation!!

You deserve to feel better about your self, your life, your family, etc.  It may not solve any of the things that are causing you the stress...but it may just help you handle it all. 

Hope you have enjoyed this session...

Respectfully submitted

Mimi Scott, Ph.D
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post a lot, especially the mini vacation! Xoxo Jazzy