Sunday, September 1, 2013


       I feel really torn as I'm sure many out there do.  I too believe the world cannot stand by as  they did in the late 30's and early 40's and watch a dictator destroy lives....we still are "our brother's keepers" are we not?  I've never been too much of a fan of the UN, but still is there no authority in our world that is there to set up rules to 'keep us in line'?  Is not  a country like Syria simply gassing adults as well as children a perfect example of the world 'running amok'?  Shall we stand by and let this atrocity happen and look the other way?  My heart tells me NO.

      On the other hand, would not World War III bring complete devastation to the world??  Will not military action on our part (with virtually no other real partners) incite retaliation all over the Mid East, specifically toward our most important ally---Israel (whom we rely upon for so very much---most significantly our intelligence)?  What kind of weaponry is so specific as to hit only selected targets?  And yet it is the sophisticated weapons of today that can reach all of us from lands afar.
Should it be our choice to take action no matter how limited, I, sitting in my home here in New York City, feel frightened.

    As much as our Congress, for the most part, has come across increasingly incompetent, I am happy that Mr. Obama has put this issue on the table for them to debate. (Of course by the time that would take place and conclude....thousands more Syrians could be gone).  No matter what, Congress are our representatives and as such we must leave this decision in their hands.  If you feel strongly, now is the time to contact your congressman or woman and let them hear your feelings.  It is also the time to truly pray for them to be guided in this decision.

Dear Lord help us to peacefully restore humanity in our world.

Respectfully submitted

Mimi Scott, Ph.D
212 721-2979

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4rest4trees said...

Agree with you, Mimi. I cannot believe what is happening, and what may happen next. It seems unreal. Like a bad movie.