Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've been back to working with groups again here in New York City and it still never ceases to amaze me at the commonality amongst people from all walks of life. Now, of course, whether rich or poor, it is everyone's time to wonder where their next dime is coming from or whether it will be coming at all. Everyone is trying to figure out how to survive one way or another.

In trying to help, one idea always kind of 'pops up' for me. In question form it becomes "What is your own particular gift?". Obviously I'm not talking about something material. I'm talking about what it is that the good Lord awarded you in this life. If all that comes to your mind is "the gift of gab" then stop and consider that. Are you currently making that 'work' for you? Are you a preacher, a teacher, a talk show host or even a paid MC? Maybe you are someone who has become a 'speaker' for your company or for whatever is your passion. The point is are you using that 'gift' which you were given. And, if that gift is, as we said a moment ago "the gift of gab" are you by any chance using it to bring in some additional income, or perhaps helping someone else without that gift, to increase their income. This is why those creative people who come up with a product need a sales staff to sell it!

Which brings me your gift a creative one? Maybe it is writing, or music or even cooking. Remember 'Charlie' in "Two and A Half Men" wrote jingles for a living which provided him with a beach house in Malibu. If everyone tells you you are a great cook, find people out there who will pay for someone to cook for them.

And perhaps your gift is being able to help other people. If you don't have the training to become a professional, volunteer someplace. It may bring you to the attention of someone who can help you find a paying job, but more than likely you will find some of that 'good old fashioned' sense of well being that can help you feel better so that you can get through your tough financial time. Your gift can 'work' for you as a distraction.

One may not be a great painter, but just the enjoyment of standing there with a brush in hand can 'while away the tears' and make you forget your troubles, no matter what they are.

So, take some time and do something you may never before have done. Ask yourself what is your own particular gift that the Lord has given you. Maybe it's mechanics, electronics, or that computer savvy that some of us wish we had. Either way,find out what it is and start making it 'work' for you.

Hope you've all been well in my absence, have enjoyed this session, and are pleased to find me back at this 'blog' which actually contributes to making 'me' feel well.

Respectfully yours,

Mimi Scott, Ph.D
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